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Tooling for Franklin™ Steel Fabricating Machinery

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In addition to punch and die sets, American Punch supplies shear and angle blades and coupling nuts for Franklin™ machines.

Founded in 1977, Franklin Manufacturing has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of hydraulic equipment in North America. Its lines include a wide range of equipment machinery, such as duplicators and angle, plate and beam lines. Backed by years of experience with Franklin machines, American Punch understands your die and punch needs.

Wherever Franklin™ machines are used – heavy structural fabrication, communication towers, agriculture, shipyard or joist fabrication – operators can count on American Punch to supply replacement punches and dies quickly and efficiently to keep their equipment on the job. Stock items ship same day; non-stock items are shipped in 24 hours.

Select an option below to request a quote for the punch and die sets, angle and shear blades and coupling nuts you need for your Franklin™ angle, beam and plate lines. Or call 800.243.1492 to speak to a knowledgeable sales person.

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Punch Pak tooling

F530X3 and W530X4 163 348
F550X4, F570X6, F5100X6, W550X7, W570X8 and W5100X12 164 347
W5100X18 and W5100X30 163 347
F5125X6, F5175X6, F5175X12, F5275X12, W5125X12 and W5175X18 166 346
AFC5106, AFC5108 and AFC5138 164 347
BL100-5 164 347
PF196X72G 164 / 166 346 / 347
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