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Punch & Die Sets for Baileigh™ Ironworkers

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American Punch stocks and supplies punches and dies in numerous styles for Baileigh™ Industrial Ironworkers.

Founded in 1999, U.S.-based Baileigh Industrial is well respected for creating metalworking equipment that offers consistent precision and efficiency as well as repeatable quality results.

Working from the punches and dies illustrated below, American Punch can quickly manufacture and deliver tools for Baileigh Industrial’s single-, dual- and 4-station ironworkers as well as its seven models of 5-station ironworkers, in as little as 24 hours.

From its origins as a maker of tube and pipe benders to its status today a leading U.S.-based equipment manufacturer, Baileigh Industrial is known and trusted for the same values that set American Punch apart: an unparalleled commitment to quality and unflagging dedication to meeting customer needs.

If your Baileigh ironworker requires special tools to accommodate longer than usual punch lengths, close gage punching or other custom work, make sure to contact American Punch first for the quality punches and dies that your Baileigh equipment demands.

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