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Punches & Dies for Manufacturers of Railroad Track, Car and Crane Track

American Punch Company is the leading manufacturer of punches, dies and shear blades used to produce crane, mining and railroad track components, mining and railroad cars.

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Turnouts, Frogs, Tie Plates, Joint Bars or Splice Bars

We know the demands that are required to punch track. We have been supplying the industry for almost 20 years and have over 50 years experience. We know what it takes!

Box Cars, Coal Cars, Grain Cars, Tank Cars, Mining Cars and All the Rest

Car fabrication demands the same from the punch as track work does. The tooling style may be different, but the QUALITY is the same: ROCK SOLID! Since many track and car manufacturers have their own design of punches and dies, there isn't a standard design. Therefore, we specialize in making tools to your specifications.
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Rail car punch and die shapes