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Tooling for Hill Acme™ Ironworkers

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Although no longer in operation, Hill Acme is still known for the durable construction, dependability and simplicity of its structural steel and plate fabrication equipment.

Just as they trust their Hill Acme metalworkers, leading fabrication shops around the world know they can rely on ironworker punches and dies from American Punch.

We put our in-house expertise, commitment to quality and dedication to customer service to work every day, manufacturing the punches and dies you need to keep your Hill Acme machines running smoothly and reliability. We ship stock items the same day, non-stock items within 48 hours.

Need customized punches and dies for your Hill Acme ironworker? Call us – we have many of the original blueprints and can make what you need for your specific circumstances.

Select an option below to request a quote for your Hill Acme ironworker punches and dies. Or contact us today by submitting this online form or by calling 800.243.1492 to speak to a sales person knowledgeable about your tooling requirements.

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